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For those in the GTA area, try to make it to this event next Saturday.  Rabia Khedr will be speaking on Noble Women in Islam. (more…)


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Apparently rhinos once roamed the area I now call home. Well, just the one, actually. I found this delightful little bit of local history in the local rag yesterday, and you can check it out online here.

Shades of Monty Python and the Monster Raving Loonies, who now have an official website and actually address real issues such as whether the Gurkhas should be allowed to settle in Britain. They claim that they and only they are the Official Loonies; that lot at Westminster are the Unofficial variety. Make of that what you will.

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My blogging guru and hyper-loyal reader Aaminah has posted info on a neat idea for a charity project: supplying scarves to the homeless in downtown Grand Rapids, MI. (more…)

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Make new friends

Keep the old

One is silver

The other gold.


We used to sing this slightly sappy little ditty in junior (=elementary) school. (more…)

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This cute little collection of pictures on the BBC is giving me flashbacks. At the risk of showing my age, I can tell you that I remember when kids dressed like this, and there are photos of me and my sibs wearing alarming sweaters and purple polyester. (FWIW I still like purple but I loathe polyester.)


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[ugh, came out kinda garbled. let’s try reformatting it, shall we?]

This has become a winter staple here in the western end of the GTA. Check it out and support the sponsors too! (Villa Madina make the BEST shwarma in town!) (more…)

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Eid mubarak!

Weighing in a little late due to meeting deadlines, ironing hijabs, getting everyone out of the door on time  for the Eid prayers and trying to get decent Eid pics of the kids (that last one did not meet with success; the cat was more cooperative).

Eid Mubarak to my small band of readers, I know you are out there somewhere!

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