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I’m a big fan of small businesses. I like the personal touch, and the uniqueness of small ventures. In an increasingly homogeneous world where I can see the same stores, fast food joints and corporate giants in my home town back home in Blighty as I can see everyday in my adopted homeland of Canada, it is so refreshing to see the small, local and unique businesses. In my recent (and fruitless) quest for a decent snowblower, I have discovered a small, local business that sells nothing but snowblowers and lawnmowers, according to season. They have the time to answer questions, make recommendations and offer advice, and I’ll never wander in, fail to find what I am looking for and search for ten minutes for an employee only to be met with an I-don’t-care shrug and a grunted “Don’t work in this department.” The snowblower quest was fruitless because I started looking too late in the season, i.e., when the first snowflake fell. The friendly local folks at my new favourite store advised me to come in and order one early… in August!


But I digress. Bumbling back towards the love of small businesses, I must also add that the appreciation level rises when it’s a woman running the show. Never mind feminism, women still face challenges in the world of business, and when the woman is also a wife and/or mother, there are even more hurdles to business success. Domestic and maternal roles can so easily be full time, but for many women, financial necessity or inner drive motivates them to do more.


When I find a small business that caters to one of my various wants, needs or whims, and is also run by a person or persons with a professional approach and pleasant manner, it is a real treat. (I don’t suffer fools and poor customer service gladly, but that’s a rant for another day…). Bonus points if the business is run by a sister in Islam, of course. And extra props when the business serves both Muslims and non-Muslims, thus building bridges and demonstrating diversity in action.


So I think that one of the things I want to do here on my blog is make noise about any cool small businesses that I come across especially those that are run by Muslim sisters. But anything that I find cool is grist for the mill, so look out world!


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Still alive and kicking…

… but blogging takes a back seat sometimes. I’m not one of those high-energy, super-organized types who can put up scintillating new posts every day. In this delicate juggling act that is life, balls/flaming torches/chainsaws sometimes get dropped. I have lots to say but there is too much to-do list left at the end of the day. Please be patient and watch this space. Normal service will be resumed when all the cliches have been knocked on the head and kicked into touch…

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How much?!


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New beginnings

Forget “New year’s Day”, it is these bright sunshiney days of late summer that are full of new beginnings. Two of the offspring are embarking on new phases of their education, one on a new level and another whose school moved to the next town, so for the first time ever one of my brood is riding the school bus. This morning I read in the local rag of a mom whose son is starting kindergarten and she waxed lyrical about her baby being “all grown up now” and how it tugs at the maternal heart-strings. That feeling never really goes away, but you have to give them their space, more and more.

The other new beginning, of course, is the dawning of the blessed month of Ramadan. A bit of a double whammy, perhaps, for all the kids and students (not to mention the teachers and other staff – a big shout out to them all!) who are fasting on the first day of school, but we pray that it will bring them multiple rewards and strengthen their faith. Other bloggers have spoken of the challenges of fasting in summer heat; my first ever Ramadan coincided with June and the longest days of the year, but that was a long time ago! With Allah’s help we can make it, and let us spare a thought (not to mention prayers and sadaqah) for those with little food in the arid regions of the world. 

Oh, and this is my first “real” blog post. Another new venture is underway, in sha Allah.

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