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“What’s for dinner?”

Three little words to make a WAHM want to tear her hair out, especially when they are asked at 3 p.m. and you have been so busy toiling at the wordface all day that thoughts of cooking have been totally absent from one’s thoughts. Not being the most organized person on the planet, things can get chaotic in the kitchen. I’m not one to enjoy spending hours on elaborate meals that disappear in minutes. I would rather write a book; they last a bit longer than stuffed vine leaves! So I am always on the lookout for ideas for quick but healthy meals that everyone will eat. (more…)


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So I’m showing my age… the Muppet Show was huge when I was a teen, and my siblings and I were all fans. I bought the boxed DVD set, but someone in the US made the cake. I can’t believe that someone could make this out of a load of sugar and whatever else fondant is made of.

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Listeria – cheese recall

I received an e-mail from a friend who works in food inspection about a brand of halal cheese that is infected with Listeria and is being recalled. So I’m passing on the info here.


Assalamu Alikum and Ramadan Kareem,
i thought to let you know about this recall on the halal cheese described below. it’s contaminated with Listeria and being pulled out of the market. 
i wish you all health and happiness in this blissed month of Ramadan. May Allah S.W.T. accept our fasting and prayers and forgive us.

Iqbal’s Halal Marble Cheese 09 FE 20 to
09 MR 01
Iqbal’s Halal Mild Cheddar Cheese 09 FE 20 to
09 MR 01
Iqbal’s Halal Mozzarella Cheese 09 FE 20 to
09 MR 01
Iqbal’s Halal Pepper Cheese 09 FE 20 to
09 MR 01


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